Tips to Protect Your Eyes when Applying Makeup

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We’re willing to bet just about every women, at one point in time, has poked their eye applying mascara. It comes with the territory of applying makeup so close to your eye. Other than having surgeon-like hand skills, we wanted to share a few tips to keep your eyes protected when you are getting ready to head out.

Remember the Three Month Rule
Cosmetics vary in shelf life, but when it comes to eye makeup – keep the three month rule in mind. Bacteria builds up on makeup, so reaching for fresh eye makeup every three months will help you avoid unwanted bacteria infecting your eye. Make a little note in your calendar after the first application and you’ll be able to keep any unwanted bacteria at bay.

Sharing is not Always Caring
It’s nice to share, but not for eye makeup. Everybody has different bacteria on their skin, which might not play nice with others. So it’s best to avoid sharing makeup when possible.

Watch out for Contacts
If you wear contacts, applying eye makeup can be tricky. Put in your contracts before you apply makeup so prevent any stray pieces of makeup getting between your contact and your eye. Nothing’s worse than something stuck under your contacts!

Take it Slow with Allergies
Makeup can cause allergic reactions on your skin and your eyes. Go slowly and only add one new piece of makeup at a time to your collection. That way you’ll be able to notice if something causes your allergies to freak out. And remember to always check the label ingredients that might trigger your allergies.

Clean, Clean, Clean
This might seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this. Wash your hands and your face before applying makeup. Squeaky clean hands will prevent unwanted bacteria making their way to your eyes and a clean face makes application that much easier.

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