How to Make Your Vision Last a Lifetime

lifetime of healthy vision

May is Healthy Vision Month! Together with the National Eye Institute, we are dedicated to spreading the word about ways to keep your eyes and your vision in top shape.

Unfortunately, most people only consider their vision health once a year – when they come in for an annual eye exam. Annual eye exams are well and good, but there is much more than goes into keeping your vision healthy for a lifetime.

We encourage you to take these important steps to protect your sight for a lifetime of clear vision.

Get a dilated eye exam. Getting a dilated eye exam is the only way to detect eye diseases early, because with many, there are no warning signs. If you are due for an eye exam, schedule an appointment online today. If you want to see what your eye care professional sees during a dilated eye exam, check out NEI’s new eye exam animation!

Live a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy foods, maintaining a healthy weight, managing chronic conditions, and not smoking can lower your risk of eye disease.

Know your family history. Talk to your family members about their eye health history. It’s important to know if anyone has been diagnosed with an eye disease, since many are hereditary. This will help to determine if you are at higher risk for developing an eye disease yourself.

Use protective eyewear. Protect your eyes when doing chores around the house, playing sports, or on the job to prevent eye injuries from happening. This includes wearing safety glasses, goggles, safety shields, and eye guards that are made of polycarbonate.

Wear sunglasses. When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 99 to 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation, so you can keep your eyes healthy. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can increase your risk for getting an eye disease. A wide-brimmed hat offers great protection, too!

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