Contact Wearer’s Guide to Summer


Summer is a busy time for most us. Between trips to the pool, outside shopping trips, vacations to the beach, and exercising outside, there is a lot of fun to have. If you are a contact lens wearer, you know all the summer fun can leave your contacts feeling dry and uncomfortable. So what can you do?

The good news is that with a little know how and preparation you can have you eyes feeling great throughout the summer months. Here’s your contact wearer’s guide to the summer:

The first rule is the most obvious – wear sunglasses. We’ve talked about how sunglasses are your first line of defense to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays can cause eye stain, making your eyes likely to dry out. Contacts can sometimes make your eyes more sensitive to light. So pick up a pair of UV blocking sunglasses and never leave home without them!

Just as you shouldn’t leave home without your sunglasses, the same goes for lubricating eye drops. The discomfort of dry eye and dry contacts will only get worse. A few drops of lubricating drops can go a long way in making your eyes feel great no matter your summer adventure may be. (Make sure you get the drops labeled for contacts lens use!)

Contacts don’t play well with water, especially pool, sea, and lake water. If your contacts don’t fall out in the water, you’ll likely dry them out because of the salt levels of pool water and seawater. Next time you are going for a swim, remember to pack your goggles (you can even get prescription goggles).

Consider a switch to single-use contracts. Single-use contacts are perfect for the summer because you get a fresh pair every day, so you don’t have to worry about dry contacts. If you are swimming in a lake, single-use contacts are another great option. Lake water contains bacteria, which can latch on and grow on your contacts. Having a fresh pair of contacts will prevent bacteria being on your eye for long periods of time.

Want to learn more about single use contacts, sunglasses, or how to prep for your summer adventures? Visit Gregor Eye Care in Overland Park or schedule an appointment online today.

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