Are you ready for Halloween?

We want to help make sure you and your scary little ghosts and goblins stay safe this year. Here are a few tips to keep your eyes as sharp as a cat’s whether you’re trick-or-treating or heading out to a monster bash:

  • Avoid big, heavy masks, or make sure you can see clearly through the eye slots.
  • Don’t leave your specs at home! After all, witches and vampires are just as scary in glasses.
  • If you’re planning on wearing costume contacts, make sure they are prescription. Non-prescription costume contacts can cause serious eye damage.

Most importantly, make sure you have a SPECtacular Halloween!

Questions? Visit Gregor Eye Care today or find out more at www.gregoreyecare.com.



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Protect Your Peepers: Three tips for preventing eye injuries.

Did you know that every year about 2.5 million people visit the emergency room with an eye injury? What about the fact that 44.7% of those injuries happen in the home?

Many people think that eye injuries occur most often on the job in places like factories or car shops. However, the truth is you’re more likely to sustain an eye injury in your home. Why? Because you don’t expect it!

Eye safety

Luckily, here are three great tips for preventing eye injuries:

  1. Read the directions on household items, such as cleaning supplies and chemicals. Many of these products can be hazardous to your vision if they get into your eyes. Depending on the chemical, you should try to wear goggles, keep a distance and wash your hands thoroughly after use. If you do accidentally get something in your eye, think back to high school chemistry class and immediately find a sink and splash (don’t rub) water into your eyes to rinse the chemical out.
  1. Wear the appropriate eyewear. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, remodeling your home, working on your car, gardening or using a deep fryer, you never know when something sharp or hot could come flying your way.
  1. Don’t forget your sunglasses! One of the most common methods for hurting your eyes is simply by forgetting your sunglasses at home. Not only can the sun damage your vision, it can actually sunburn your eyes. In order to make sure you don’t forget your sunglasses, try to leave a pair in your car and another in your home.

Interested in learning more about how to protect your vision? Give us a call at (913) 685-0212 or schedule an appointment at Gregor Eye Care today.


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The Latest in Eye Care Technology

Gregor Eye Care

Over the past century eye care technology has steadily been progressing. In fact, most of the eye care technologies as we know them today would hardly be recognizable to an eye doctor in 1915. These technologies aren’t just for handing out lens prescriptions, they are to help people across the world keep their eyes healthy so they can live higher quality lives.

For example, in the United States alone there are 2.2 million people suffering from Glaucoma, a disease that often leaves people partially or completely blind. Out of those 2.2 million, only half of them actually know they have the disease! Gregor Eye Care is working to change that by incorporating the latest technologies in eye care to ensure Dr. Gregor is not only able to keep her patients’ eyes seeing clearly, but also to prevent debilitating conditions and diseases like Glaucoma.

Schedule an appointment to get a first hand glimpse at Gregor Eye Care’s state-of-the-art eye care technology, and help yourself prevent any future eye health problems today.

Call (913) 685-0212 or schedule an appointment online here.

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Introducing our newest line…

We’re ecstatic to introduce you and the rest of Overland Park to our newest line of designer eyewear… Ann Taylor!

Ann Taylor Eyewear

Ann Taylor eyewear is designed for “real women” who live complicated lives juggling the many roles and expectations today’s world has for them. As the company likes to say, they really ‘get’ women.

What can you expect from a pair of Ann Taylor specs? A fabulous frame that is durable, fits perfectly and looks great with everything! What more could you ask for?

Check yourself out in a pair today. Visit us at 15100 Metcalf Ave., Suite 101 inside the Central Bank of the Midwest or call (913) 685-0212 for more information.

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4 ways to prepare your eyes for Autumn.


Autumn is the only season of the year that sneaks up on us. Everyone’s out enjoying their summer, then BAM! Summer is over and fall is setting in. But don’t fall into fall… That is unless you’re falling into a pile of leaves. But if that’s not the case it’s much better to approach this time of year with a little preparation.

Even though autumn officially started last week, here are 4 ways to help make sure you have a healthy season:

  1. Don’t put away your sunglasses. Just because summer is over and the temperature is gradually dropping, it doesn’t mean the sun is off duty. Sunglasses are necessary all four seasons of the year to help protect your eyes from those harmful, vision damaging UV rays.
  1. Take control of your autumn allergies. Whether your seasonal allergies include an itchy nose or terrible migraines, make sure you’re ready to take on the monster. In addition to picking up a prescription or over the counter allergies meds, make sure you keep your home clean, wash your face regularly and stay inside as much as possible on those dreaded high pollen days.
  1. Pick up some over the counter eye drops. Eye drops can be a great for beating the itchy, watery eyes that can come with allergies, but even if you aren’t an allergy sufferer it is a good idea to have some around. Why? Because as the weather becomes colder, it also becomes dryer, drying out everything else in the process… including your eyes!
  1. Invest in some night time driving glasses. As most of you have already noticed, the days are once again getting shorter. Soon we’ll be heading work and heading home in the dark. Help yourself stay safe on the road by investing in a pair of night time driving glasses. Stop by Gregor today to find out more about these important lenses.

Fall is one of our FAVORITE times of the year, but if you aren’t prepared for it, it can be miserable. Want more tips about protecting your eyes this fall? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregor today by calling (913) 685-0212.

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What Happens in Vegas… Comes to Gregor Eye Care!

This past weekend the stylish Dr. Gregor, Charisma and Veronica took off for the annual Las Vegas International Vision Expo! With their eyes wide open and ready for a challenge, they set out to find the BEST new frames and lenses of the season to bring back to the wonderful, stylish people of Overland Park, Kansas.

Mission accomplished! Here is a recap of their adventure:

Vision Expo

Dr. Gregor

Vision Expo
Yes, that’s Tony Hawk!

GuessVision ExpoVision ExpoIMG_3843Vision ExpoVision ExpoLaFont Vision ExpoVision Expo

Vision Expo Las VegasMake sure to visit Gregor Eye Care throughout the coming month to check yourself out in all of the latest frames we snagged at the Las Vegas Vision Expo, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see more of our adventures and stay up-to-date on everything in the vision world.


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On The Hunt For Fashionable Frames!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.56.16 PMOur bags are packed, the tickets purchased, and the hotel booked, so we’re heading west for the Las Vegas International Vision Expo! Our team of style-focused opticians will be on the hunt for the season’s upcoming trends in fashionable eyewear.

This year we want to hear from you, our fantastic customers! What products do you want us to check out? What styles and designers do you hope to see at Gregor Eye Care? Get in on the discussion though our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles by following us today!

Don’t wait until the frames are at Gregor Eye Care to see what’s hot. Follow us today in order to get the inside scoop on everything that’s bold, colorful, and stylish in eyewear fashion. Our team will be posting updates from the expo showing photos of the latest fashions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We look forward to sharing with you what we find!

Photo credit: electricnerve / Foter / CC BY

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Look, Feel, Be… #Iconik

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.47.07 AM

Iconik Eyewear prides itself on being true to its namesake. Dedicated to inspired style, each pair is handcrafted to embrace the elements of their design, making your favorite pair a reflection of your personality.

Crafted with the unique perspective of being “Down Under”, Australia’s Iconik Eyewear has been tantalizing the eyewear market for years with their bold, colorful, and timeless design. These truly iconic frames are sure to make a statement whether you’re visiting the Sydney Opera House or the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Are you ready to look, feel, and be #Iconik? Visit Gregor Eye Care today at 15100 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS to view our exclusive collection of Iconik frames. Looking for more information? Call (913) 685-0212 or visit GregorEyeCare.com.

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The Gregor Difference.


When it comes to choosing an optometrist, you have certain expectations. You want them to be knowledgeable, proven, and reliable. But what about caring? A lot of optometrists know how to properly diagnose eye deficiencies, but do they convey honest care? Will they take the extra steps of exceptional patient service?

Gregor Eye Care has a proud 20-year history of taking care of patients in Overland Park and the outlying communities of Kansas City. Our job isn’t fulfilled until you get the right prescription, find the frames you love, and leave 100% satisfied.

You can expect Dr. Leslie Gregor to give your eyes the attention they need, while also giving you the stylish frame fashion you deserve.

If you’re looking for an optometrist who is knowledgeable, proven, reliable, and most of all – caring. Experience the Gregor Eye Care difference today. Visit us at 15100 Metcalf Ave, in Overland Park, KS or call (913)-685-0212. For more information and to schedule an appointment visit www.gregoreyecare.com.

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Save Your Vision

eye2Although March was Save Your Vision Month, eye diseases we can’t see can occur every month of the year.  An annual, comprehensive eye exam is recommended by the American Optometric Association after age 40.  Eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration start developing at this time.  Schedule an appointment at Gregor Eye Care for your yearly exam and eye disease screening with Dr. Gregor.  Dr. Gregor is accepting new patients at Gregor Eye Care.

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