Eye Healthy Recipes: Post Workout Smoothie

eye healthy smoothie

Keeping your eyes in tip-top shape is not only about having clear vision or taking dry eye drops from time to time. Your eyes, just like any part of your body, can benefit from the nutrients you eat. As the sayings goes… you are what you eat – and the same goes for your eyes.

After your workout (which also benefits your eye health) it’s time for recovery, and what better way to give your body and your eyes the nutrients they need than a protein packed, post workout smoothie.

Kale is a super food packed with nutrients that are great for your eyes, but we know not everyone can get behind the taste of kale. A smoothie is a tasty way to get the health benefits of kale.

1 Handful of Kale leaves
1 Banana
¾ Cup of Strawberries (About 6 depending on size)
2 Tablespoons chia seeds
1-2 Cups of water – You can spice it up and use coconut water, orange juice, soy milk, or almond mix. Feel free to experiment and find what you like the best!

For a boost of extra protein add 1 scoop of protein power – plain, vanilla, or strawberry works best for this recipe.

Simply add all the ingredients to your blender – then blend until liquefied. And there you have it!

For more info on eye care and eye health read more from the Gregor Eye Care blog. Are you due for your next eye exam? Schedule an appointment online today!

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How to Protect Your Eyes from Spring Allergies

eye allergies

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, however those who suffer some seasonal allergies might think otherwise. Sure, we all love the sunshine and the warm weather, but all the pollen in the air can ruin your time outdoors.

In addition to the runny nose and sneezing, seasonal allergy suffers know that itchy, watery, red, or dry eyes are right around the corner. Springtime allergens can have a massive impact on your eyes making it hard to see and focus.

Fortunately there are some steps you can take to protect your eyes from those pesky allergens.

Avoid Contact
When the pollen count is high, it’s best to limit your time outdoors. That being said, it’s also smart to use high quality air filters in your home to trap allergens and keep them from entering your home. If you plan on going outside on high pollen days, wear wraparound sunglasses to help shield your eyes from contact with the allergens.

Forget the Contacts
You might think contacts will protect your eyes, but in fact, they can make eye allergies worse. Contacts attract airborne allergens and they will actually accumulate on your lens. So it’s best to stick to your glasses on high pollen days or consider switching to daily use contacts.

Eye Drops
If your eye allergies are mild, over the counter allergy eye drops might be able to do the trick. If those don’t seem to help, come see us! Dr. Gregor can suggest prescription eye drops to keep your eye allergies in check.

Struggling with seasonal spring eye allergies? Schedule an appointment today and we can answer your eye allergy questions, help you find wraparound sunglasses, or get a prescription for eye drops.

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Eye Safety for Athletes

eye safety for athletes


As you can tell from our name, at Gregor Eye Care we’re focused. Focused on eye care. And that’s why we would like to help spread awareness for athletes about protecting your eyes and your vision while in the game.

About 40,000 sport-related eye injuries occur every year in the United States, and of those, approximately 90% of them could have been prevented with precautions, such as protective eyewear.

How to Protect Your Eyes

Protecting your eyes means doing more than just wearing your ordinary prescription glasses, contacts and sunglasses. These might help your vision, but when a ball is flying at your face going 80 miles per hour, it can be hard to react as quickly as you’d like to, and this type of eyewear won’t do a lot to protect your eyes.

Instead, we recommend investing in protective eyewear with prescription or non-prescription polycarbonate lenses. Designed by experts in the aerospace industry, these glasses and goggles are 10 times more impact-resistant than other plastic lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and will keep your vision crystal clear, while protecting your eyes.

Whether you’re skiing, playing paintball, or tossing around a baseball, make sure to protect your eyes this season, and help spread the word about the importance of sports eye safety.

Do you have questions about how to keep your eyes or your child’s eyes safe while playing sports this year? Give us a call at 913-685-0212 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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We’re Focused On Eye Care

eye care


What comes to mind when you think about seeing an optometrist? Most people think about picking out new frames, ordering contacts, or reading letters from the eye chart. Improving your vision is a big part of what we do here at Gregor Eye Care, but it’s not the only thing. Our focus is on comprehensive eye care. For over 20 years, Dr. Gregor has brought high-quality, comprehensive eye care to South Overland Park.

Full Circle Approach

Comprehensive eye care is much more than 20/20 vision. It’s about treating any discomfort, screening for eye diseases, and finding vision solutions that work for your eyes and your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for help with dry eyes, finding the perfect contacts, or discovering the right eye projection for your active child, you can trust Gregor Eye Care as your source for comprehensive eye care.

What our Patients are Saying

We are lucky to have wonderful patients that like to share the experiences they’ve had at Gregor Eye Care. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Just came back from my annual checkup and another terrific experience! Receptionist was friendly and efficient, pre-doctor exam tech was professional and efficient, Dr. Gregor professional and friendly explaining changes in my eyesight as necessary and answering my questions. Check-out was easy. I wish all “services” were as good as these! Looking for a good Eye Care, see Dr. Gregor.” – Jim K.

“Nice staff, helpful service. Took time to answer questions, helped you decide the best options and explained everything clearly and concise. Definitely a treasure worth visiting!” – Jacob W.

“Dr. Gregor is especially good with my preschool and elementary aged children. Our whole family sees her!” – Brooke H.

Stay in Touch

Providing high quality eye care is not all we are doing. Make sure to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we spread the word about eye care with helpful tips and promotions from Gregor Eye Care.

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Review Gregor Eye Care


Have you recently visited Dr. Gregor? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Feedback is what we thrive on, so we would really appreciate it if you took a quick minute to review Gregor Eye Care online.

To leave a review, please follow this link to our Google+ page and scroll down until you see the “Review Summary” section. There will be a button in the upper right corner of this box that says “Write a review”

In order to submit a review on Google+ you will need to have a Gmail account or a Google+ account. If you don’t currently have either of those, it only takes a minute to create one here: http://plus.google.com.

You can also review us on Facebook or Yelp.

Thank you!

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How to Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Have you ever tried on countless frames looking for the right style and then all of a sudden one just seems to click? For those of us that rock specs, this is a common phenomenon. So why exactly does this happen? Personal style plays a role, but most of the time your face shape determines what kind of frames would look best for you. Here are some guidelines to consider when picking out frames that’ll look best for your face shape:

Heart Shape
If you have a heart shaped face, it’s all about finding the right balance. Round frames are a great option here. Look for round glasses with thin light-colored frames to try on.

frames for your face

Square Shape
Similar to the heart shaped faces, round frames let you embrace your square face shape. Round frames with dark and bold colors are the best way to compliment your squared features.


Round Shape
You might be noticing a pattern here and you’d be right! For those with round faces, squared and angular frames work best to give definition to your face and compliment your look.


Diamond Shape
For those with a diamond shaped face, rimless frames might be the best way to go. Oval rimless frames give balance and enhance the features of a diamond shaped face. Another option to consider is a set of frames with a strong brow line for a chic and complimentary look.

Remember, these are just guidelines to help you find the right frames for you. At the end of the day, it’ all about finding the style that makes you feel like you. That’s why we always encourage our patients to try on whatever catches their eye.

Are you ready to find your style? Schedule an appointment online or stop by the optical shop in Overland Park today to shop our large collection of designer frames.

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Eat Green for Eye Health


eat green for eye health

Next week we’ll all be seeing shades of green. Don’t worry. It’s not a strange medical condition. It’s the one day of the year everyone, no matter what their heritage, turns Irish! That’s right, St. Paddy’s Day is next week! However, while we’re all for celebrating the luck of the Irish, green has somewhat of a different meaning for us at Gregor Eye Care.

When it comes to the color green, think food.
There are many foods rich in antioxidants and eye healthy nutrients, but it just so happens many of those foods are green. So this St. Patrick’s Day consider adding an extra dose of these emerald colored eye healthy foods to your celebrations.

Leafy Greens
Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach are loaded with the antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants are known to boost the function of the macula, which is the part of your eye that protects against harmful sunlight. So think of a big green salad as an extra sun-blocking boost for your eye…but don’t forget your sunglasses for maximum sun protection!

The often-overlooked green nuts are also an eye healthy snack. Just like leafy greens, pistachios are full of eye friendly antioxidants, but unlike leafy greens they also contain loads of Vitamin E.

Green Bell Peppers
Not only are green ball peppers an excellent source of vitamins A and C, they are also found in countless recipes, making them an fantastic food for boosting your eye health.

Want to learn more about eye healthy foods or get up-to-date on your eye health? Schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Gregor today by calling (9913) 685-0212 or click here to schedule an appointment online.


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Women’s History Month: The Women of Optometry

Gregor Eye CareMarch is Women’s History Month! We want to celebrate by taking a look back at the trail blazing women of optometry, as well as turn the spotlight on our very own woman of optometry, Dr. Leslie Gregor.

Women of Optometry

As was the case in many professions, there were not many women working in optometry in its earlier days. However, thanks to a few brave, pioneering ladies, the field has had a steady increase in female optometrists since the start of the 20th Century. Today, women make up about 39 percent of the American Optometric Association, and it looks like that number will most likely continue to increase. Why? More women than men are graduating from optometry colleges every year around the country! Here’s a little history lesson:


  • Gertrude Stanton became the first woman to become a licensed optometrist.
  • Mollie Armstrong opened her own practice, and became the second female optometrist in the United States


  • The Washington School of Optometry became the first optometry school to have a female president, Dr. Mae Booth-Jones, in 1920.
  • The U.S. Air Force welcomed Captain Allison Smith, O.D. as its first female optometrist in 1973.
  • Joan Exford, O.D. was elected the first female president of the American Academy of Optometry in 1993.


  • The U.S. Army salutes Col. Carol Z. Rymer, O.D., as the first female optometrist to reach colonel in 2010.
  • The AOA elects its first female president, Dori Carlson, O.D., in 2011.
  • The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry elects Jennifer Smythe Coyle, O.D. as its first female president in 2013 (only 3 years ago)!

 Dr. Leslie Gregor


We’re proud to have our very own pioneering woman of optometry leading the charge in Overland Park at Gregor Eye Care. Dr. Gregor has brought comprehensive vision and eye health care to the area for over 20 years. She also has flourished in providing her specialty services in family eye care, dry eye disease, multifocal and specialty contact lenses.

Dr. Gregor is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Kansas Optometric Association. She was also the president of the Great Kansas City Zone for the KOA for 6 years.

We are so proud of Dr. Gregor and the rest of the amazing women here at Gregor Eye Care for everything they do to bring healthy vision to Overland Park! Here’s to a fantastic Women’s History Month.

Want to meet Dr. Gregor for yourself? Call 913-685-0212 to schedule your eye exam today.

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Brand Spotlight – Inface

Providing expert eye care will always be the priority here at Gregor Eye Care. But as you may have noticed, we have been Focused On Style as well. We believe your new set of glasses will not be complete unless the lenses AND the frames not only fit your vision needs, but your style and face shape too. That’s why we take so much pride in our extensive collection of designer frames and sunglasses.

In the spirit of style, we want to highlight one of the most popular eyewear designers we carry: Inface.

Inface glasses frames


Inface is what happens when true design meets affordability. In the 1970’s Hans Laursen opened his first optical shop in Denmark. After finding success and opening a few more stores, Hans began to notice that there was not an affordable alternative to the expensive, high-end frames in his stores.

There were many affordable frames on the market, but none that offered quality design and materials at an affordable price. Hans started to design his own collection of fashionable and affordable frames to sell in his stores; and thus the Inface brand was born.

The Designs
Timeless, aesthetic, modern, and exclusive are the 4 words that Inface uses to guide their brand and eyewear designs. Inface takes pride in taking care of every little detail to craft beautifully authentic frames, all while keeping their price point the same. Inface also embraces fashion frames for all types of faces, from kids to adults. That means their collection has a vast range of shapes, sixes, colors and materials.

Want to see the Inface frames collection for yourself? Come visit Gregor Eye Care’s eyewear boutique at 15100 Metcalf Ave., Suite 101 inside the Central Bank of the Midwest, or call 913-685-0212 to schedule an appointment with our optical stylists.


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Visionary Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

glassesIt can be hard to think of a good gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it… the traditional box of chocolates and teddy bear is very overdone.

So what should you get your sweetheart this February 14th instead? Why not consider giving a gift that is both awe inspiring AND functional…

Dark Chocolate
Okay, this could fall into the box of chocolate category, but considering the fact that dark chocolate is great for your eyes, it has our vote anyway. Plus you could change things up and opt for fruit dipped in dark chocolate instead.

Glasses or Sunglasses
In the past few years it has become cool again to wear glasses. Which is good news for those of us who need them! If your Valentine wears glasses, or is in need of a new pair of shades, stop by Gregor to check out our selection of designer eyewear.

Gregor Eye Care Gift Card
Maybe you aren’t sure if you’re up to the task of picking out your sweetheart’s next great frame? Don’t worry! Pick up a gift card and they can come do their browsing when they please.

Want to learn more about Gregor Eye Care? Give us a call at (913) 685-0212, or stop by and visit at 15100 Metcalf Ave., Suite 101, in Overland Park.

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