Beginner’s Guide to Contact Lenses

contact lens beginner's guide

Fed up with your glasses always getting in the way? It’s time for contacts!

Contact lenses are truly a miracle of modern science. They help you see clearly and you hardly notice them in your eyes. Despite all the advantages of contacts, they do require you to develop a few new habits to keep your eyes and vision healthy and clear.

Whether you were too excited to listen to your eye doctor during your contact lens fitting or have an upcoming lens fitting on the calendar – here’s some pro tips to keep your eyes, and your vision, healthy and clear:

  1. Be careful with your lenses. This might seem obvious but whenever you are handling your contacts, make sure to use caution and focus. The last thing you want is to tear or drop your lens.
  2. Wash your hands every single time – no exceptions. Dirty hands spread all kinds of germs to your contacts, and in turn, onto your eyes. This can lead to serious eye infection and irritations.
  3. Just as your hands need to be clean, so does your lens case and contact solution. Make sure to clean your lens case with water and let it fully dry before using it again. You should also use a fresh lens case every month. Lastly, remember to close the top of your lens solution bottle to avoid germs making their way to your eye.
  4. Water and contacts don’t mix. When you are taking a shower or going for a dip in the pool, it’s smart to them take out.
  5. If you have any kind of eye pain or discomfort – don’t wear your contacts (and go see your eye doctor, of course). Contact lenses often make eye problems worse.
  6. Know the wear schedules of your contacts. Whether it’s daily disposables, weekly disposables, or extended use lenses, make sure to swap out your lenses accordingly.

Ready for contacts? Dr. Gregor specializes in fitting contacts for hard-to-fit patients. Schedule an appointment online today for a contact lens exam and fitting!

Photo credit: andy.simmons via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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