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Maintaining your ocular health and vision is an ongoing process. Dr. Gregor believes in using the latest technology so she can efficiently compare data from the current visit and previous years. Detecting subtle changes in your visual system and ocular health can be the key to finding sight threatening diseases before they progress and result in permanent vision loss.


Accuracy and privacy are two important components of each patient record. Maintaining your medical health information electronically, instead of with an old fashioned paper chart, allows increased confidence in the accuracy of the data stored and efficiency in data comparison between visits. Because all patient information is backed up continuously on a secure and private server you can be assured that Dr. Gregor will always have your chart at her fingertips and you will never hear…”please hold while I locate your chart”.

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Digital imaging is an effective tool used at Gregor Eye Care to assess and monitor your ocular health. Retinal photography aids in early detection and treatment of sight threatening diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy. Obtaining digital images yearly creates your own comparative ocular library, this data aids Dr. Gregor in detecting ocular diseases before they escalate to permanent vision loss.



It is now known that the Nerve Fiber layer of the retina is where early glaucoma starts; before optic nerve changes or intraocular pressure changes or peripheral vision loss Scanning laser polarimetry technology compares the patient’s retinal nerve fiber layer distribution with that of the nerve fibers of healthy eyes from a normative database. This information, in conjunction with other diagnostics, assesses the patients’ ocular health, in respect to the early detection of glaucoma.